Stephanie Puryear graduated from University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles, California with a degree in Occupational Therapy. Stephanie specialized in pediatrics and child development along with a minor in psychology. She also took numerous elective courses in cinema.

After graduation, Stephanie a California native, moved to Illinois to work at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, and later The Pediatric Place, in Naperville, Illinois.  In 2002, Stephanie Puryear, OTR/L, founded Sensory Steps, Inc. with the primary goal of providing the best quality pediatric home-based therapeutic services to at risk children ages birth to three and their families through the Illinois Early Intervention Program. Sensory Steps, Inc. grew from one therapist to almost twenty. During this time, Stephanie has focused on working with the very young, children ages birth to three. Stephanie is well-known for her skills in working with babies that have been born premature, babies and children that are medically fragile, and children with sensory processing and modulation challenges. As an early intervention provider, for over a decade Stephanie has worked as a specialized credentialed evaluator to specifically evaluate and make critical recommendations for children ages birth to three via individual or multidisciplinary team evaluations that may include the following disciplines: occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, developmental therapy; and at times, also social work and, or nutrition therapy. These evaluations are critical in initiating the appropriate recommendations for children showing special needs in their development and providing detrimental recommendations for further follow-through with medical specialists, clinicians, and various therapy services. Research has shown that early intervention and learning opportunities for children in children that in the birth to three age group are critical.  This is especially true for children that are at risk or showing developmental challenges, and it is critical in optimizing the gains and progress that can made when services are implemented as early as possible.

As noted, the Sensory Steps, Inc. program was self-started in Illinois in 2002, and successfully grew through 2012 to having over 20+ working therapists.  In 2012, Sensory Steps, Inc. developed a working, collaborative relationship with Center for the Developing Mind, a Los Angeles, California based pediatric therapeutic multi-disciplinary practice.  At this time, Sensory Steps, Inc. was working in both Illinois and California.  Currently, all services with Sensory Steps, Inc. have been transitioned to now service only the Wisconsin area due to a family relocation.  As well, the focus of the company has shifted to focus on caregiver/baby and caregiver/tot groups.

Sensory Steps, Inc. recently created a dynamic opportunity to provide parent & baby group services through a new program called Developmental Wonders.  Developmental Wonders is a parent and baby/tot group led by a licensed child developmental expert, currently Stephanie Puryear.  Play groups are designed to match caregivers and their children with other local families in similar situations with children close in age range and developmental stages.  These parent and baby, tot, child groups focus on providing parents with a place for support, advice, and guidance.  The children and parents will be provided with collaborative developmental play opportunities, while often given suggestions on appropriate toys and activities for home.

As time passes, the company mission remains the same while the company goals continue to evolve. Through the use of private, community, and internet resources; the hope is to reach as many children and their families as possible. In this way, Sensory Steps, Inc. can provide therapeutic and nurturing support for families with children demonstrating typical development, as well as children exhibiting developmental risk factors; while being a resource to parents and caregivers, other therapists, and professionals.

Although, Stephanie is still a certified occupational therapist, she is now working full-time as a Benefits Consultant and Licensed Insurance Broker.  After working 15+ years in the healthcare industry as a small business owner, entrepreneur, and consultant to families; Stephanie is utilizing her skills to help individuals, families, and small business owners find comprehensive insurance plans that meet their needs and fit within their fiscal budget.  Please contact Stephanie for assistance in finding an insurance plan that will work for you and your family:

Sensory Steps, Inc. TM- (847) 530-8943